In the dim light,I sangthe morningto a puppy, wholooked upat me likeI was apsychedelic god and I,with hands full of fleshand bone,lifted her to mycheekand felt omnipotent.


I feel guilty because I am considered essential; I hate the word and I hate what comes with it. So many people are without jobs. I wish I were one of them.

~Head Above Water~

Depressionis a sadistfor whomthereisnosafeword Youfight backor youdrown I refuseto drown


Before the rain came, I wandered outside, pulling stray weeds, and assessing the state of things as spring is so very slowly beginning to show her face. I walked through The Graveyard to the north of the house, named for reasons I barely remember, none of which include death. I thought of friends I missed,…


Today I hate everyone. I don’t trust this feeling; I know it is fleeting. This irritability, this annoyance, this complete impatience with people. I know it well. I used to think, when it came, that it was a manifestation of depression, of anxiety. Of something within myself that needed fixing. But, no. I’m not internalizing…


I used to write. I ran out of places to put my words. I don’t want to write messy stories hidden away in secret diaries for my great-grandchildren to find a hundred years from tomorrow. It is April. I put my favorite summer dress today, but not because the weather asked it of me. It…

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